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Native Watercraft Accessories You told us what accessories you want for your Native kayak, and we made them. Spray skirts to keep you and your gear dry and plenty of other options to make your time on the water more pleasant.
Native Watercraft Accessories NEW FOR 2013-2014 SEASON

High/Low First Class Seat Organizer

First Class Seat Pack

Tool Holster

Interior Battery Pack

Super Seal Plug

Tethered Super Seal Plug

Cam-Lok Paddle Holders

Scotty Gearhead

Tight Line Anchor Trolley System

Ultimate FX Tandem Kit

Thumb Screws

Slayer Foot Pads

Ultimate FX Solo Pad Kit

Ultimate FX 12 Hatch

Ultimate FX 15 Hatch

Slayer 12 and Slayer 13 Propel Hatch

Slayer 14.5 Hatch

Slayer Access Cover

XP Hatch

Native Watercraft Accessories STORAGE

Fishing Buddy

Fish Bag

Medium Fish Cooler

Behind Seat Cooler

Ultimate™ 12 Bow Bag

Ultimate™ 12/16 Stern Bag

Ultimate™ 14.5 Stern Bag

Native Watercraft Accessories SKIRTS

Ultimate™ 12 Stern Skirt

Ultimate™ 12 Center Skirt

Ultimate™ 12 Bow Skirt

Ultimate™ Camo Stern Skirt

Ultimate™ Camo Center Skirt

Ultimate™ Camo Bow Skirt

Ultimate™ 14.5 Stern Skirt

Ultimate™ 14.5 Center Skirt

Ultimate™ 14.5 Bow Skirt

Native Watercraft Accessories SEATS AND SEATING

Versa Board DVC Seat Back

Versa Board Wedge Seat

Versa Board Deluxe Wedge Seat

Versa Board Swivel Seat

Versa Board Cooler Seat

Captain's Perch

Ultimate Seat Riser

Lumbar Pad

Native Watercraft Accessories ANCHOR KITS

Anchor Trolley System

Native Watercraft Accessories ACCESSORY MOUNTING SYSTEMS

Ultimate Side Bag

Adapt-A-Trak™ Mesh Bottle Holder

Adapt-A-Trak Lashpoint

Ultimate™ Motor Mount

Mariner Rectangle Outfitting Plate

The Groove Square Outfitting Plate

The Groove Rectangle Outfitting Plate

Groove Adapter Kit

Native Watercraft Accessories GENERAL ACCESSORIES

Scupper Plugs

Slayer 12 Bow Cover

Slayer 14.5 Bow Cover

Non-skid Ultimate Footwell Pad

Square Non-skid Footwell Pad

Rectangular Non-skid Footwell Pad

Rudder Kit

Deck Mount Paddle Holder

Native Watercraft Accessories CARTS AND WHEELS

Ultimate SmartCart

Multisport SmartCart

Native Watercraft Accessories PROPEL PEDAL DRIVE

Propel Easy Cruz Kit

Propel Lubrication Kit

Watertrail Gear Accessories BASIC ENHANCEMENTS

Adapt-A-Trak Kit

Ultimate Pad Kit

Large Easy Foot Braces

Small Easy Foot Braces

Ultimate Groove Kit

First Class Seat Cover

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